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Bed and Breakfast : Tips to Start a Business

The business of Bed and Breakfast inns is a fast growing one because of a number of factors. One, they provide comfort in a homely atmosphere, which is not the case with most hotels, motels etc. Also, the food provided is better and more hygienic compared to other food outlets. Thus, for anyone looking to set up a business in the lodging industry, opening a Bed and Breakfast is a good idea. However, there are a few things to be kept in mind, to make your business a success.

1. Décor and Design of your inn:

Design your inn in a classic romantic manner, to entice couples looking for a romantic getaway. You may design different rooms in different themes, such as- a room may be a traditionally designed one with antique furniture and décor accordingly. Another may have a more modern look to it (accordingly, modern furniture, paintings, etc.)

The décor of your room plays an important role in the expansion of your business. People will want to visit your inn, if they like the mood of the rooms and if it provides an exciting break from their routine life.

The designing of rooms is completely dependent on you; however, ensure that the mood of your inn attracts customers to your business and follows the theme of a typical bed and breakfast, i.e., is homely.

2. Food:

As the name suggests, breakfast is one of the main items of a B&B business, and needless to say, good quality and delicious food is what attracts the customers and makes them come back for more. A full, balanced meal is what makes a good breakfast. Ensure fresh food, and try to keep a variety if you are planning to have about 8-10 rooms or more. You may decide on a signature dish as well. Make it homely, yet, try to provide a good change.

3. Cutlery:

You may not realize, but the cutlery used by an inn/hotel is of paramount importance. People these days don't have the time to maintain crockery and beautiful cutlery all the time. Hence, when you provide them with it, it is a great change for them. Eating in good crockery and using shining cutlery is charming in its own way and enhances the mood of the meal. So, ensure to buy the best bone china and cutlery in your set budget. Going for vintage English teacup sets and dining sets can also prove to be a good idea.

4. Warm and welcoming treatment:

A warm welcome and treatment to your clients, is sure to give your business a boom, any day. Emphasize on excellent treatment of your clients, and your business will expand automatically. You may choose to give them complimentary chocolates or a box of cupcakes etc. or other services such as a complimentary dessert in breakfast. Above all, pay emphasis to the publicity!

In the end, the most important emotion which can make your BnB a total success is love - if you love hosting guests and looking after them, you're going to do well!

The business of bed & breakfast inns is fast growing because the food is better and more hygienic as compared to other outlets along with the homely atmosphere they offer. For a few tips for the success of your eatery business, visit this website.

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