Monday, November 7, 2016

Luxury Cruise Vacations: Six Reasons to Choose a Caribbean or Alaskan Cruise

Luxury Cruise Vacations: Six Reasons to Choose a Caribbean or Alaskan Cruise - You are thinking about your next holiday or vacation, and you're wondering why you should select a cruise. I can think of six good reasons, and here they are.

Six Reasons to Choose a Caribbean or Alaskan Cruise

  1. A cruise can be better than a land based vacation. Once on board ship everything you could possible want is there for you. You don't waste time traveling from one place to another; the travel is the experience on a cruise.
  2. A cruise is great value for your money. When you consider the amount of money you would spend on hotels, meals, and entertainment, a cruise package deal is a great value. Plus you know about how much money you are going to spend ahead of time. With so many cruise lines competing for your money great deals and discount prices are available. Upgrades, add-on, and coupons are available.
  3. Superb food! Superb food! Superb food! Often twenty-four hours a day. Great meals with fantastic presentation in restaurants with great ambiance, from the most casual diner or bar-type offering to upscale venues with white linen table clothes. The wait staff is superbly trained and adds to the experience.
  4. Controlled environment. Every aspect of the environment is designed with your pleasure in mind. From the activities and excursions, to the turning down of the bed linen, your expectations are being met or exceeded.
  5. Romance. Recapture the romance of old, cruising in fine ships, moonlight and stars, elegant meals. Whether you are there with someone special or introducing your children to cruising, there is romance for everyone.
  6. It's all about you! Every activity, every detail is directed at you and your enjoyment. Thanks to the stiff competition in the cruise industry, each cruise line wants you to feel pampered and have the best experience possible. This is the time it really is okay if it's all about you.

Not convinced? Investigate at an online travel agency in the privacy of your own home and see what I am talking about. Then make your decision.

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