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South Florida Commercial Real Estate : Scouting the Best Deal

South Florida Commercial Real Estate
The profitability of any real estate investment in South Florida relies heavily on one’s ability to scout the best deals available in the South Florida commercial real estate market. By investing in real estate deals that have the greatest promise, the investor is able to maximize profits while minimizing the burden by investing in only a few deals annually.

The best South Florida commercial real estate deals will render returns that amount to between three to four times of the investment capital. On the contrary, if one invests in average deals, the returns will be comparatively less and one would have to perform more deals in getting the same level of returns. The amount of work involved in any real estate deal would be more or less the same, hence it is preferable to perform less work and get a bigger return.

Make sure that the information resources utilized in scouting the best South Florida commercial real estate deals are reliably accurate. To derive such, one can approach reputable South Florida commercial brokers, since they are the ones who actually list the properties available for investing in. After noting down requirements, one can proceed to these brokers to derive information about the availability of properties that one intends to purchase. Nonetheless, one should make the most out of the network of contacts brokers have by calling local brokers as well as brokers from other states that will be more than happy to call other brokers and find listings that best fit one’s preferences. As you inquire the broker, probe for pocket listings or listings that are about to be cast out in the market but are not yet officially listed. This is a very effective way in obtaining a competitive advantage while scouting the best deals in town.

The Internet can also be of help when scouting the best deals, since there are a lot of Websites dealing that list a variety of properties for sale, ranging from raw land to large retail and apartment complexes. On these Websites, one can obtain the necessary information about the property, as well as the broker involved in selling it. If persistent enough, one can keep filtering out the information until the deals that suit one’s predetermined criteria surface out.

Another potential arena where one can find the best deals is an auction house that allows bidding for different types of properties. Oftentimes, one will be able to get excellent deals that would otherwise have cost a lot more if purchased from a commercial broker. It is however necessary to register with some of the most highly regarded auction houses in order to obtain updated e-mail notifications about properties that are listed for sale. Some of these establishments also provide the choice of purchasing a property at a certain price before auction proceeds.

Apart from these sources of information, one can also make use of local resources such as listings, magazines, and newspapers for scouting the best South Florida commercial real estate deals. One thing that one should always keep in mind is that the wider the network of contacts one possesses, the higher the chances are of finding the better real estate deals. This implies that instead of just depending on a single source, one should refer to as many resources as one possibly can.

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